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A battery package that's compatible with any existing solar system.

Underpinned by smart Sungrow technology.

Sungrow 4.8kWh Battery

With safe and reliable Samsung battery cells

Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter

An integrated energy management system

Sungrow Emergency Blackout Box

To provide security in a power outage

Ian got the DC Sunny Saver and had a blackout the very next day. His fridge and freezer kept running.

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One of the cheapest battery packages, but how?

Typically, a solar battery installation is similar to getting a builder to quote on a kitchen renovation – each quote varies widely in quality and price. Think of the DC Sunny Saver like a flatpack kitchen, instead of bespoke cabinetry designed and built from scratch. Installed from just $1595.

Extended warranty

A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for your battery and 12 years on your inverter. That’s an extra 7-years warranty on the hybrid inverter compared to the standard 5 years!

Free delivery

Delivery straight to your door! Included within the ticket price, so you don’t have to worry about additional delivery costs.

Installed from just $1595

Get your installation sorted in metro areas with our partner, Service Stream. If you’re in the country, we’ll help you line up a trusted and experienced local installer.

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Western Australia, take advantage of all your sunshine

WA is our sunniest state, so you’re in the best position to capture your solar energy in a battery and take advantage of it at night, or during a blackout. Over 100 homes have already secured the DC Sunny Saver since November. To get yours, simply place your deposit using the code WALAUNCH and your $100 discount will come off your deposit.

Get your battery package with $100 off.

Use discount code WALAUNCH by midnight 27 March 2020.

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Don't know what size you need? No problem.

The great thing about a modular battery system is that it can be designed to fit you. Simply add up to two extra batteries to the package when you put down your $100 deposit. Just $3450 each.

How many batteries do I need?

Take your next step towards energy independence WA.

Maximise your savings all year round

Squeeze every last drop from your solar panels with the DC Sunny Saver. You can shift from around 25% self-sufficiency to 80% or more. That’s more money in your pocket.

Protect yourself if a blackout hits

Make sure your fridge and freezer keep running and your internet is connected in a blackout. Blackout protection (RRP $360) included free of charge.

The right fit for you

Developed from detailed analysis of the energy use of over 1500 of our solar customers. This is a battery package that’s the right fit for most solar homes.

Simple, from deposit to installation.


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Your installer installs your battery, your bills start falling and you’re more self sufficient!

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Safe and reliable renewable energy, when you need it.

Leading Samsung battery cells

An app for in-home energy management

Future-proofed and virtual power plant ready

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